Coated Strands

CP-190 RB 12,7mm / CP-190 RB 15,2mm

ProductNominal Diameter (mm)Area Diameter (mm²)Tensile Strenght (Mpa)Break load (Kn)Minium load at 1% elongation (Kn)Modulus of elasticity (Gpa)Nominal Mass (g/m)Number of wires
CP-190 RB 12,7mm12,798,711900195175190-20411007
CP-190 RB 15,2mm15,21401900260234190-20413007

HDPE PC Strand is used in prestressed concrete structures non-adherent, which ensures greater tensile strength improving efficiency, durability and reducing the project costs. It is used in structures which require high bending stress.

* All our prestressed unbonded tendons follow the standard NBR: 7483: 2008
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